A change in style

November 20th, 2007
By Jon H
A change in style

If you’ve just recently stopped by the Road 2 Graduation blog then you will have noticed that there’s been a couple of changes. We’ve changed the top banner to be a little more attractive to everyone visiting the blog. This was won in a contest over at onlinecashflow.org and I’m very grateful for the work that Jeremy has put in to the banner, as well as with all my changes to the original design. If you’re looking for some great money making tips, then please head over to onlinecashflow.org to keep updated with what’s going on over there.

I’ve also managed to get my favicon up onto the site:


and you should be seeing this in your browsers over the next few days when they refresh – or so I’m led to believe.

Hopefully these changes and others over the coming weeks will help the R2G site improve and increase readability for all.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions then please leave a comment.


Once again thank you to Jeremy for the banner:




This update is now out of date, as you will see by the new theme that is here.

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