By Jon H

Welcome to Road2Graduation – a blog that helps students in academia (that’s education) who are studying at college or university.

My name is Nick and I after spending quite a few years at university, I thought it about time to pass on some of the information that I have learnt along the way.  It’s not all about learning and researching, but I believe in the life experience that so many students crave and hope to pass on some of my thoughts on these areas too.

You will find this blog filled with resources that will highlight key areas on how you can write better at uni, how to succeed in essays and your dissertation, and finally graduate with a great degree – you’ll also find some quick tips on finding a job and making that great impression too.

The advice and information I provide you is from my point of view, a recent graduate (a few years ago anyhow) from a Master’s degree in Management and a BA degree in Hospitality Management with International Hotel Management.  I’ve got quite a bit of work experience for a recent graduate too, working mainly in a customer facing environment – and for some big named brands too.

Creating this blog and its resources hasn’t been the easiest task, but I enjoy still being involved in uni life and helping others.

Through my time at university I always wanted a resource that I could ‘tap’ into and to find out the information I needed, or to be updated about different interesting things for students.  This is why Road2Graduation, or R2G, was created.  It’s not a boring blog about me and my life, nor is it just about research and writing – but a happy medium for students to read.

Now, I am from the UK, which means that this blog is targeted at students in the UK; however, if you are in the US, Canada or down under, then this blog will still have lots of information relevant to you and your university/college life.

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Nick Sanders