Having time off when you’re not in control

November 27th, 2007
By Jon H
Having time off when you’re not in control

I’m back and have an abundance of information to pass on. For those who wondered where in the hell the Sunday review was, and a Monday Roundup then I apologise. Being sick really frustrates me, and I was sick to the point where I have been unable to post anything and I didn’t have any posts completed posts to publish on the blog. This just reiterates my thoughts on planning and developing your writing (need to take my own advice I think!)

In development

I’ve got some series of posts that will be coming up over the next few weeks or so and will be ideal reading as we head up to the Christmas holidays. I’m planning ahead my posts and am even writing my Christmas eve post as we speak – its on a topic that I really enjoy and want to get the bulk of it written now.

I’m currently producing a post for the Monday Roundup, but felt it best to delay the Sunday review until next week, as I really want to concentrate on other material posts that I believe will bring you more value – plus I think these posts will interest you more too.

I’ll be putting a few posts up in the next few hours, so watch out for them and here’s to future planning

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