How to get a first class degree – blog review

November 4th, 2007
By Jon H
How to get a first class degree – blog review

Todays R2G’s Sunday review will focus on a student blog This blog is a UK based student blog that focuses its attention towards students and what processes you need to go through to achieving your goals at university. The blog’s goals are to inform students of how the author achieved in gaining a first class honours degree from a university in the UK. Passing on the information, Jez has learned whilst completing this degree, as well as the understanding of his degree. His about page reads the following:

I recently completed a BSc Honours degree, achieving a mark of 83% and winning a prize for one of the modules taken.

The reason I achieved such excellent results is not because I am not a gifted student, but because I applied a work ethic and methodology to the way I approached my degree.

I believe most students have the intellect to achieve a first class degree. The reason most do not is because they do not plan ahead, organise or motivate themselves properly.
There are no short cuts or magic tricks to be found in these pages.

What these pages do contain is easy to follow, practical advice in areas you may not have already considered.

What I hope to be able to show you are ways to:

  • Work Smarter
  • Work Faster
  • Work Harder!
  • I have advised other students on ways they could improve their marks, and all have found this advice beneficial, so decided to blog it!

    The blog covers a range of topics that will be of interest to students, including degree books, student employment, online degree advice and what to do before you start university. Offering informative posts on a wide range of aspects to help you gain a first class degree, or point you in the right direction; Jez writes his posts well and generally links in some extra resources that he’s used. There is also a links page that contains some valuable resources for students and offers some incite into the information contained in the blog.

    I particularly like a post on Get a First’s blog named Choosing a degree course that allows you to achieve a first class degree, which covers aspects that you need to consider in choosing what course you want to take, and linking into whether you enjoy the topic, and if you feel you will have the potential to learn more from the information that is provided/produced.

    The only negative thoughts I have towards the blog is that it isn’t updated regularly, but is a resource that isn’t ‘timebound’. However, subscribing to how to get a first’s RSS feed won’t reveal ongoing information and this for me is a little let down, as I’d like to read more from this author. I’m informed that information will be updated over the coming months, and this will positively affect the information contained on the blog-site.

    Overall: The blog has some very interesting content and is produced in a unique way/voice. All of the posts offer something of value to students no matter what course you are on. Taking a venture over to this blog should be something that is not overlooked.

    Some of the More Enjoyable Posts

    Avoiding freeloaders on your degree course

    Get into a flow if you want to be first class

    Studytime needed for a first class degree

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