New Blog Theme – New approach

July 13th, 2008
By Jon H
New Blog Theme – New approach

Well, it looks like another academic year is over for many students at university and college – with some postgrads nervously thinking about the writing up of their dissertation or thesis in the next month or so.  The problem with the summer months for many undergrads is what to do and how to do it at little or no cost.  I’m sure you had a blast of a time at the end of term party, and if you just finished your degree and the dreaded final year dissertation then you’ll be anxiously waiting for your grade later this summer – a 2:1 or a 1st – who knows, if you did great you’ll get the latter, if you just missed out then you’ll have the 2:1 in the bag.

So, back to important things here at R2G – why I’ve not been around for ages and why starting the momentum in the summer?  Well, as most of you will know I graduated back in 2005, yes a couple of years ago, but I’m wanting to get back into the academic scene by heading back and doing my PhD.  I still have loads of guidance and advice to give people on the blog and want to create a community where people can share ideas, views and resources.  I’ve been busy working all over the place at the moment changed jobs and ended doing some temp work in a hotel, and finally ended up just recently working for a recruitment agency – I know they do get bad press, but this isn’t so bad and it’s close to home so I don’t have far to travel – which is a huge bonus especially with all the fuel price increases lately, which are absolutely stupid!  With the change in job though, and the great hours (9 to 5! never done that in my life before), now I think is the best time to devote a little bit of time to the blog and get some awareness and community spirit going.

I’ve changed the theme on the blog which has given it a brighter feel, although all isn’t finished as yet.  I still need to adapt a few different posts and pages and most importantly I need to add more content (obviously) and I’m looking maybe into getting a customized logo/header for the top – you just never know, if I earn enough revenue from the blog I’ll most probably splash out for a customized theme – but this probably won’t happen until the need of the next academic year.

Looking to the future, I’ve got a few books at the moment that I want to review, a ton of guidance about working, looking at employment, writing your CV and actually getting a job – from my time spent in recruitment – and general advice about writing and studying at university/college.  I pretty sure I’ve got a good view of where the blog is heading for over the next few months, and sure that I will keep a bunch of readers that have read the blog in the past and bring up a load of new people eager to talk about their experiences and join in with me.  I haven’t got all the answers, but I do love a good discussion, especially when I win :-), with other like minded people. 

Here’s to the grow of R2G and much more information to come.



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  • July 23rd, 2008
    8:34 pm

    Glad to see your back in the game!!

    New theme is a big improvement.


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