R2G and advertising

November 8th, 2007
By Jon H
R2G and advertising

I was talking to a few friends of mine who are big on the social networking thing, but not that interested in creating a website and blog. We were discussing advertising on websites and veared over to its use on blogs. Obviously R2G came up along the course of the discussion and there were mixed opinions. I like the adverts at the moment, 4 relevant button links on the right hand side bar, a google advert lower down and another skyscraper (Spanish link) in the right hand bar.

Whilst I think the latter should be removed and a horizontal banner (148×60) should be replaced after each post I still think it needs improvement. Others thought you should just cram your blog full of google adword ads, as these are easy to implement and can earn you money straight away. Others suggested that in-post links can get you up and running and people will rollover and click on them more than they would a google ad. For me in-post text links are annoying and using loads of banners from google adwords is a little too excessive.

I’ll be using different designs and colours over the next couple of weeks, and if anything becomes a little too annoying then please let me know.

Finally, if anyone has an opinion about the adverts on R2G, please leave them in the comments below – if you didn’t really notice any, then that would be good to know too.

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