R2G Monday Roundup – 12th November – 18th November

November 19th, 2007
By Jon H
R2G Monday Roundup – 12th November – 18th November

Once again I’ve been hot on the back of everyone’s tails trying to find some really good reads from the Internet. Looking to develop my web 2.0 strategies for this site, I’ve been looking through loads of articles and links.

Here’s to seven of the best…………

  1. 10 Chemical free strategies to trick yourself out of the blues
  2. The ririan project certainly impressed me with this blog post. Most of us about this time of the year do get a little ‘confused’ about the direction. This article really does help to identify what you can do if you are down and how to get on top again.

  3. Improving your writing with some editing tips
  4. Lifehack.org doesn’t fail to impress. I was going to publish a post about this during the week, but felt lifehack presented the information more clearly for you.

  5. Top 5 Pre-Departure Tips
  6. Study in the UK Blog brings us 5 tips to do before you depart for study in another country; this set of tips is part of a series that Stephen at the Study UK Blog will be producing over the coming weeks. A good, quick read.

  7. Universities Fear funding shortfall
  8. This article identifies that there are problems in funding within the Scottish Educational system. I was wondering the other day how the mortgage problems and Northern Rock having a few issues, whether students should be more aware of their finances!

  9. Will the real Bucks University please stand up?
  10. A post about competing universities in Buckinghamshire, where a Vice Chancellor is challenging the renaming of a college to become a university with a similar name to his. Quite amusing to see really, if you can’t ‘brand’ yourself as a university that has high calibre students and teaching would you need to fight your corner like this? I think not.

  11. Young Doctors in Debt
  12. If you’re looking at completing your final year then researching and thinking about your finances for when you graduate is a must. Hopefully this story will enlighten you to the outcomes that may occur.

  13. Mistakes in Study – Why ‘Best Intensions’ aren’t always enough
  14. Martin produces a quality post looking at good intensions and procrastination. Whilst at university I procrastinated a lot and have found some common ground with his writing – sometimes I used to misunderstand the important things (didn’t keep things in perspective) – I liked to party too much!

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