R2G Monday Roundup – 19th November – 25th November

November 28th, 2007
By Jon H
R2G Monday Roundup – 19th November – 25th November

It has been a tough week here at Road 2 Graduation, and most of you will know that I’ve been sick, but I’ve managed to keep people updated with what I was doing by twitter. Not wanting to draw your attention away from the roundup too much, I’m just letting you all know I’m a lot better and in full writing swing!

Here we go….

  1. Academy concern over decline in Language study
  2. An interesting article on why academics are worried about why students in the UK aren’t being taught all they can about different languages, and actually learning a foreign language. Interesting really, as I seem to have seen a similar article to this a few years ago!

  3. Seven Habits of Highly Innovative People
  4. When I read this post over at thinksimplenow.com, ideas suddenly popped into my mind of entrepreneurial people I studied with during my time at University. Looking at habits, taking risks and recording what you have done (accomplished and failed), this article is a really good read for all.

  5. Thanksgiving and the Story we tell Ourselves
  6. I was a little curious this week to find out how our friends ‘over the pond’ celebrate thanksgiving and what it is actually celebrating/remembering. I truly interesting post by lifehack.org

  7. 5 reasons to get a Public Library card
  8. An interesting post by a guest blogger over at Gearfire.net. Thought the title was strange as I haven’t been into my local public library for a number of years, but this post may just ‘tap’ me in the right direction to go and have a look to see what’s changed.

  9. How to take notes on PowerPoint slides
  10. Cal’s post on PowerPoint for student presenters is a really good post and got my attention straight away. Useful information for everyone in academia.

  11. Don’t you Dare…in a Formal Paper
  12. that college kid identifies what you shouldn’t put into your paper if writing at college/university. A couple of really good examples.

  13. Top 5 Departure Tips
  14. Stephen over at Study in the UK Blog provides International students with some quick tips when they’re going to travel abroad to study. Having friends and making them before you travel can be crucial, as you’ll have some one to talk to, or go for a beer with when you first get to the country and university you’re visiting.

I’ll be popping up another couple of posts over the next few days.

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