R2G’s Sunday Review – A new look at the Student/Academic Community

October 28th, 2007
By Jon H
R2G’s Sunday Review – A new look at the Student/Academic Community

Well, in keeping with so many blogs in the blogosphere, I’ve decided to start a weekly review of a site in the student community. This will work on the following basis:

  • The site will be a web-based site; it can be a ‘typical’ website, or a blog that focuses its content towards the academic community, whether for new students, experienced ones, or students who are recent graduates.
  • The site will be selected at random by myself – any site that has been requested by the site owner will also appear in the R2G review section.
  • This will occur on a weekly basis, always on a Sunday – as this is generally a quiet day for many – so maximum reading.
  • The post will be longer than many others and will contain pictures/links.

Why the decision to do a weekly review?

I decided a little while ago when I started the R2G (Road 2 Graduation) blog that I wanted to simplify, adapt and present the best information possible to students in academia (read one of the first posts on the blog, the road 2 graduation blog to find out more). Enabling the Sunday review will look at other sites and blogs, in a range of subjects – from finance, study tips, progression after graduation, careers and jobs etc. The reviews will look at the site as a whole and review how it helps/aids students as well as reviewing the general usability of the site from my point of view.

Conducting the review will, I hope, provide students who read this blog with an incite into the resources available to them on the Internet.

If any readers have found an interesting site then please contact me with your name, the site’s URL (unique resource location – or website address) and why I should consider it for the Sunday review. I do believe this addition will catch on and hope to be reviewing many sites in the future to come.

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