University Dean suspended for Plagiarism

October 30th, 2007
By Jon H
University Dean suspended for Plagiarism

Today I was taking a look through the education section of the Guardian site – The site is UK-based and predominantly for UK students, but does cover an array of information for students throughout the world.
It seems, recently, that I’ve been reading more and more on plagiarism in the academic arena than ever before. Maybe this is due to students (and academics) becoming lazy and just copying the work of others, or not properly citing their sources from where they gained the information/knowledge.

An article produced today at education guardian referred to a dean at Durham university (UK) being suspended because it was found that he had plagiarised some of his work in 1988 (a little while ago I know). There are also ‘concerns’ that his doctoral thesis could come under question – you can read the full article here.

There are also many more articles relating to plagiarism in the last year or so, some being:

Academics guilty of plagiarism

Cheaters trying to get into University

Students cheating in ethics exam

1 in 3 students cheats – (that’s 30%!)

The above indicates that plagiarism (cheating) is high in the academic community, and with many students being monitored by Turnitin software, who is monitoring the monitors? and, how it has taken 19 years for the above dean’s (supposed) plagiarism to come to light?

Maybe these are questions for another day…

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