Update on postings – they’re coming soon!

October 1st, 2007
By Jon H
Update on postings – they’re coming soon!

What a strange world. It seems that talking about flu and coming into contact with a few people who have the sniffles has caused me to come down with the dreaded virus myself! Arrggghhh!

Lookily I’ve taken my own advice on how to combat the awful drowsiness and ‘bunged-up’ feeling and am on the road to getting better. I’ve noticed a few people have subscribed to the RSS feed which is fab and hopefully more information being shared by myself will increase the number of readers and thus (hopefully) the amount of people who want to comment on the blog and share their own knowledge.

I’m just in the process of developing this week’s posts and should have the first one published sometime tomorrow. I’m aiming at covering one topic a week in about 3 or 4 posts, so it should provide people with a clear incite into a topic, and not confuse them with lots of personal babble – that I see on so many other blogs. I’ve been searching around the Internet for the past week (on and off) for a reliable blog resource to ‘tap into’ for information; alas, it seems that there are zero about, unless I’m adding the wrong keywords into the search engines – but ‘student resources,’ ‘student help,’ and ‘help at uni’ seemed safe bets, but hey, I’ll have to venture a little deeper to provide you with some interesting links.

Finally, I’d just like to let everyone know that I will be adding to this blog 52 weeks of the year, and that I won’t just be posting around term time, why? well term time is different for everyone throughout your country and even the world; plus, I think you may be in the need to avoid certain projects when you return from the Christmas festivities (only 12 weeks away), and I will be on hand to point you in the right direction and motivate you to finish your essays and projects.

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