Why double checking technology is the way forward

November 19th, 2007
By Jon H
Why double checking technology is the way forward

Some regular readers may have noticed that the R2G Sunday Review and the Monday Roundup have just appeared in your RSS feed – are you a bit confused? Was your reader not working properly? Did you have Internet connection?

Well, not one of the above reasons caused the issue, I the author, did. I went away for a few days and popped the posts up there on wordpress, using BlogJet. I failed to double check that the posts were published/due to publish and happily went on my way – a mistake I’ll never do again.

Not double checking that the posts are definitely due to be published was a truly amateur mistake and I accept that I should have double and triple checked the process between BlogJet (the writing software that I use to write my posts and upload to wordpress) and wordpress (the software loaded onto my server which publishes the posts and formats the information so it’s readable). I thought BlogJet would do one thing, but it didn’t and I failed to check everything was OK in the R2G wordpress control panel, duh!

I’m researching and writing this week’s posts as you are reading this, and I’ll make sure we don’t have any more hiccups in the future.


We can but learn from our mistakes!

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